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International Franchising

International Franchise Consultants Network (IFCN)


FranCon is a member and a representative of Finland in the International Franchise Consultants Network (IFCN).


IFCN -members are the best franchise experts in their respective countries, and the goal is to help the franchise chains to grow and internationalize.


The benefits IFCN can provide to a franchisor that is interested in international development are numerous, including reputable local professional advice in foreign markets and access to their expertise and extensive contacts in the franchise industry, including investor relations, finance, legal, market research, recruitment strategies, etc., all of which complement the in-house capabilities of the franchisor.


Read more about IFCN: www.ifcn-international.com


Export Partnership Program


The purpose for the Export Partnership Program is to help Finnish chains to expand abroad. A variety of export projects have been organized for several decades, but this is the first time a chain of companies are involved in the exporting process. Before mostly Finnish products or services have been exported, but now the goal is to export Finnish business models, i.e. the franchising concepts of the chains involved.


Involved in the export are four franchise chains from the restaurant industry: Aussie Bar, Fafa's, Pancho Villa and Richie's. The project includes an individual market analysis for each chain, the internationalization of the business model as well as practical expansion procedures such as franchisee recruitment and contact network construction in Sweden. The goal is to open one unit outside of Finland for each of the chains during year 2016.


FranCon has brought together franchise chains that have the potential for international expansion. Our four franchise chains are already well established in Finland and we are now looking for Business Partners in Sweden. If you are the person who has what it takes to become a franchisee and possibly a future Master Franchisee for any of these chains, contact us!




Arto Pelander, Export Manager




+358 400 599 095



The franchise chains involved:


Aussie Bar


Aussie Bar opened their first location in Helsinki, Finland in June 2006 and was an instantaneous hit in the Helsinki night life. Daytime serves as a convenient meeting place with a home-away-from-home feeling, by nighttime it transforms itself magically into a centre of night life with live music and wild parties. Our motto is:You don´t just visit Aussie Bar, you live it! 





Fafa´s is another classic success story right from the start. It was already born a classic! The menu offers a unique combination of Middle Eastern, Italian, Greek and Spanish food ingredients, mixed to a perfect fusion kitchen. The food ingredients are fresh and organically grown whenever possible, and all falafels are glutein-free, some of the recipes are also lactose-free. But best of all, they taste delicious and have already created a loyal customer base wherever they have opened. Next stop: Sweden!





Richie´s makes ordinary hot dogs cry out in shame! The sausages with 98% meat are order-made and specially imported, and the sauces and add-ons leave nothing to hope for: apart from ketchup and mustard, we have remoulade sauce, roasted onion, Boston pickles and other tasty ingredients to save your day. And always with a delivery time under 30 seconds!



Pancho Villa


Pancho Villa is a restaurant with a mission to bring Mexican style food to everybody. Burritos, quesadillas, tortillas, fajitas, tacos, not to forget the also ever popular hamburgers make it the ideal dining place for all in the family. The tasty portions are big enough for all you hungry people out there, and the extensive menus combined with reasonable prices mean a recipe for success also in Sweden.